“The 4th Industrial Revolution: Ukrainian Chance or Threat?”

16 March 2016

On March 15th MIM-Kyiv hosted the round table discussion on what the newest trends mean for Ukraine. Top experts, governmental officials and business people participated in the discussion.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv President welcomed the participants. She said that we did not know the future; however, we were able to analyze trends and forecast. “Change is really fast nowadays,” said she. “Such speed cannot but influence industries and economies. Even the Davos Forum was devoted to the changes and their effects. For Ukraine the Fourth Revolution is an opportunity not to be missed.”

Mr. Olexiy Skrypnyck, People’s Deputy to Verkhovna Rada (Member of Parliament) and Chairman of the Science and Education Committee of the Parliament opened the discussion. In his presentation he said that responsible politicians should shape the future today, in particular, they had to work with issues Ukraine would face in 20 – 30 years.

Dr. Olexandr Kolyada, Ukrainian leading genetic scientist discussed personified healthcare of the future and Ukrainian studies in the area. Dr. Olga Maslova, an expert in regenerative medicine followed with her presentation on the cell-based therapy and opportunities it provides for Industry 4.0 Era. “The problem of terminal illnesses could be solved in Ukraine, if proper funding could be allocated and legal framework could be created,” said she. Dr. Olexiy Boldyrev, neurophysiologist talked about the relationship between the research and business. “Business people often blame us researchers for being too academic. No matter how understandable that position is,” said he, “it is fundamental research that shapes innovations and hi-tech and bio-tech industries. There is no 4th industrial revolution without fundamental research.”

The 4th revolution is about integration of IT, digital and life sciences. Mr. Olexandr Kardakov, MIM-Kyiv graduate and one of the founders of IT business in Ukraine and Mr. Yevhen Kudryavchenko, founder of Vintage Web Production firm discussed the situation in the Ukrainian IT sector. “Traditionally, Ukrainian research and IT produce great intermediate product and raw material,” said Mr. Kardakov. “At certain point our best talents go abroad.” Mr. Kudryavchenko explained that nowadays artificial intellect was the name of the game. “In Ukraine we have to be creative and innovative, if we want to keep up with the 4th Revolution.

Ms. Vladyslava Rutytska, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Mr. Volodymyr Vlasyuk, CEO of the “Ukrpromzovnishexprtyza” (consulting) and chairman of the Industrial Modernization Committee of the Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce discussed Ukrainian industry and agriculture. They said that we needed powerful food and pharmaceutical industries, otherwise Ukraine would not be able to generate added value and would badly leg behind the world.

All the participants agreed that joining the brave new world of the Revolution 4.0 requires crucial reforms of all spheres of Ukraine, development and implementation the new strategies which answer new challenges.