Program for the All Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV

20 July 2016

MIM-Kyiv launched its second program for the All Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV. The cooperation started 10 years ago when the Network just started its activities. Currently, the Network faced the challenge of social entrepreneurship. MIM-Kyiv was chosen to teach business approaches to the NGOs activities.

When opening the program Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, the President of MIM-Kyiv in her welcome speech mentioned that it was high time to develop the businesses, to make the organization sustainable. “Striving sustainability is the sign of wisdom,” said she. Ms. Lada Bulakh, executive director for the Kyiv organization of the Network mentioned that the lack of business knowledge makes organizations vulnerable and dependent on the donors’ funding. On the other hand social entrepreneurship enables organizations to be sustainable. It was MIM-Kyiv’s reputation, its commitment to the CSR principles and impressive track record with both NGOs and private sector which helped launch the Network activities 10 years ago and which brought the Network to MIM-Kyiv again.