MIM-Kyiv and Thunderbird Accomplishes Joint Program for Ukrainian Defense Sector Officials

02 June 2017

MIM-Kyiv partnered with the Thunderbird School of Global Management to deliver a highly customized program for the Ukroboronprom (UOP), Ukrainian state owned defense industry Management Company. Faculty from both schools taught at this program which was aimed at the development of the management competencies.

The program built on the Thunderbird’s considerable experience in the defense sector. “The school prepared many generation of the defense industry executives,” Mr. Arthur Heruvimov, Deputy CEO for the UOP said. “Thus, the program is instrumental in both mastering managerial skills and incorporating our participants into the global cooperation. It is a considerable step towards future international partnerships of the Ukrainian defense companies.”

“The program and especially first two modules were very practically oriented. Professors not only shared first class expertise, but also delivered their courses in the most “student-friendly” way. I was able to apply the knowledge obtained in project management, operational effectiveness, financial management and HR on job from the day 1,” Mr. Yuri Meleshko, the CEO for the State Enterprise “Kyiv Research Institute Hydroprylad” shared his opinion on the program.

“The program gave us more than knowledge and skills,” Mr. Oleksandr Shubenko, IT Department Director for UOP said. “It showed us that we were the part of the global marketplace. Moreover, what we are doing is quite at par with what our international peers are doing. Sky is the limit for what could be achieved with the new lnoledge and skills.”

MIM-Kyiv is very proud of the program as it is the result of the cooperation with one of the best schools worldwide, Moreover, the MIM is happy to contribute to the further development of the Ukrainian defense industry.