MIM-Kyiv Starts Special Talent Development Program for the NBU

MIM-Kyiv delivers the program for the NBU for the third time in three years.

22 October 2020

MIM-Kyiv is delivering the third program for the National Bank of Ukraine. The Strategic Management program for 25 managers started on October 12.

Yulia Bystrytska from the Statistics and Reporting  Department of the NBU and this year student said: “The first lectures were good indeed. I am impressed by the faculty and the content. It features useful theory and practical cases. The program promotes self-development, helps to master new skills, and is simply exciting!”

The first module covers strategic marketing and organizational management. “Rich in theory and international cases, the program is well delivered. It is easy to link companies’ strategies with the management of different functions,” Iryna Shaulska, the program coordinator for the NBU said.

This year's program consists of 3 more modules e.g. Leadership and Team Management, Effective Communications, and Leaders’ Personal Development. In addition to lectures, case studies, and group work, the six-month program contains such interactive elements as Management Game focusing on strategic management and running businesses.

MIM-Kyiv faculty incorporated many features critical for the successful activities in the banking sector, regulator's needs, and personal objectives of the program participants.