IT Oriented Program Launched

24 February 2017

On February 22, MIM-Kyiv launched its tailor-made management development program for the “IT-Integrator” company. The program is aimed at developing managerial skills and helping its team to face current business challenges.

The program’s syllabus covers operational management issues and personal efficiency. Acquired knowledge and skills are integrated by the Global Management Game business simulation. Classes are also complemented by doing the projects which solve company’s current problems.

“We were very carefully selecting our education partner,” said Ms. Nadia Omelchenko, the VP for the IT-Integrator. “We wanted the program to be flexible. We also wanted the program to help our people to enhance their operational management skills, their capabilities to manage complex projects and especially people side of the projects and improve their personal performance as well.” Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv’s President said that the opportunities which MIM-Kyiv community provided were a great complement to the programs.