19 July 2022

Five months into the war leaves many business owners and executives still undecided as to the development of their businesses and are not ready to move ahead. Iryna Zolotarevych, advisor and coach to the politicians and entrepreneurs and MIM-Kyiv visiting professor shared her experience on how people can propel themselves into action.

About Wartime Businesses’ Challenges

I often hear people say that business has shrunk, but the owners do nothing although well understand that he/she need to move on. The reason for non-expansion, non-action, or fruitless efforts is often similar and depends on leaders’ personalities. Any business project has two parts. The first one is something that you can learn and schools like MIM-Kyiv can help a lot. The second one is the leaders’ dispositions. It requires work as well.

About Obstacles on the Way Forward

Some parental bias, thinking patterns shaped by the adults’ expectations in our childhood, etc. can stay between us and our success.  All those “dos” and “don’ts”, and “it’s girl’s/boy’s thing” limit us. With those rigid limitations imposed by society and/or parents, people often lose the ability to understand their inner drivers and motivation. Leaders’ limitations often become businesses’ limitations.

Why Leaders’ Inner Worlds Are Important?

Some think that people are disposables for business. But business derives from personalities. If those characters are caged by the limitations and fears shaped by parents and society, they cannot find their drivers to move on. They are used to “musts” and external standards. External standards are ok. We must follow social conventions to remain among the sound part of society. However, we do not have to sacrifice our needs, interests, or values for that. However, if external sets of standards dominate, it may affect business. If we pay too much attention to those external criteria we try to please anybody rather than follow our own goals and dreams.

On Restraints

We often believe in ideas that we were persuaded to consider attractive no matter whether it is true or not. One of my clients after many reflections came to understand that he had groundlessly believed that if he would enter foreign markets, he would lose the Ukrainian one. Many business owners also believe that developing a business is unethical under the circumstances. Such entrepreneurs follow their idea of taking all possible efforts for victory. For some, it means volunteering instead of doing business. The third reason for the lack of action is the belief that it is unethical to charge money from people under the circumstances. We all understand that such rejection to move on does not help owners, businesses, or customers who do not have the goods or services they need. The economy suffers as well. And it has only one reason: business owners cannot identify their needs and motivators.

About Being Present

Being present means being present mentally. It is a much sought-after skill we all should master. It directly impacts business growth. When we are absent we do not control the situation. Ask yourself whether you live your life or do things for other people. Unless you are present you cannot decide on what is good for you. When you live through the situation rather than focus on it. If you immerse in business or projects you do have to take effort, you become a part of it.

For more practical advice visit the recorded video.For more practical advice visit the recorded video.