MIM-Kyiv and Pearson Successfully Launched the New Project

02 July 2016

MIM-Kyiv and Pearson, the world's largest education company successfully launched the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) International Qualifications in English for Business tests in Ukraine. Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, President of MIM-Kyiv and Dr. Maryna Malygina awarded the certificates.

By partnering with the leading educational company MIM-Kyiv is continuing its tradition of leading changes and setting new standards. Firstly, it brought this very practical and highly reputable in corporate world business and language qualification to the Ukrainian market. By doing so it helped to introduce international communication practices, standards and approaches to Ukrainian business community. Secondly, it sets the new principles in learning English for the business education when the focus of the course is on being efficient in the international business environment rather than concentrate on linguistic theory. Thirdly, due to this course internationally accepted standards for mastering and assessing of the communication skills are adopted. Thus, MIM-Kyiv offers more than just another English class taught by highly qualified faculty but also the new approaches and delivery methods in teaching English and a possibility to acquire the skills and competences crucial for working internationally.
MIM-Kyiv also improves its delivery methods. Its faculty has mastered new delivery methods increasing the efficacy. Students’ time is used very efficiently by concentrating on the communication during the contact hours and allowing them to master the skills and do inevitable drilling independently and at their own pace. The whole course is aimed at fluent communicating in the international environment.
2016 is the year of English in Ukraine. MIM-Kyiv joined this very important initiative. By doing so MIM-Kyiv follows its tradition of helping Ukrainian businesses, executives and entrepreneurs to become the part of the global marketplace and improve its competitiveness.