22 November 2022

Forbes Ukraine made up a list of more than two hundred businesspeople who are fighting for Ukraine in the military. MIM-Kyiv students and alumni are on the list: 


Artem Belenko, owner of the SmartFarming and Agritech Partners. He took a pre-MBA Finance Management program in 2011. SmartFarming is a crop production technology integrator. Agritech Partners advises on financial services, sales, and management.

Serhii Kobylinsky, CEO of the АВТЕК, МВА 2012. АВТЕК is the official distributor of the FORD TRUCKS, official dealer of the МАЗ, МТЗ, SOLARIS, RASCO, KASSBOHRER, HIDRO-MAK, ERDEMLI, HYVA. The company has been working in the Ukrainian private and commercial vehicle market for 25 years.  

Oleh Maletych, founder of the SOFI company. He holds a pre-MBA Business certificate. The company sells painting materials and additional chemicals. 

Anatoly Trukhanov, business development director for TEVA company. He took pre-MBA Financial Management program in 2021. TEVA is the largest international pharmaceutical company in Ukraine and one of the leaders in the national pharma market. The company with 400 employees has operated in Ukraine for more than 20 years. 

Roman Nabozhiak, founder of Veterano Brownie. He holds MIM-Kyiv’s pre-MBA Business Processes Management certificate. After the russian full-scale invasion, the company stopped its operations. Roman and his team operated  very creatively during the COVID pandemic and lockdown and expanded their customer base at that time. 

Volodymyr Shevchenko suspended his MBA program because of the invasion. He joined the military from the very first day of the full-scale war. He is a founder of the Veterano Coffee chain. It is working now because his wife runs the business. During the interim period, the team managed on their own and supported the military. 


The Forbes editorial board underscores that the list is not exhaustive although the journalists conducted research and social media campaigns. The editorial board is ready to upgrade the list