Field Visit: Learning About LEAN Instruments On-Site

12 October 2018

Recently, pre-MBA “Business Processes Management” students visited the manufacturing site of the Univest Marketing LLC to learn about Lean instruments application first-hand. International quality standards for the food industry were another area of interest.

“This visit demonstrates how the implementation of the food safety and quality standards supported by the application of cost-cutting and risk mitigation techniques improves manufacturing,” Prof. Vitaly Tsopa, MIM’s professor who facilitated the visit said.

“Some of us saw manufacturing of the household names for the first time. It was an excellent example of implementation of the international management quality standards, food safety standards, and LEAN management principles and their positive effects,” Mr. Myroslav Bondar, project manager, and pre-MBA “Business Processes Management” student said.

Not only the class visited the manufacturing site but also learned how ISO 9001 and LEAN were implemented and also discussed manufacturing processes optimization.
“Due to such visits we can compare our manufacturing processes against the others and share our experience,” Mr. Bondar said.