04 January 2022

NFC-based technologies business card is a part of the MIM-Kyiv’s student package from now. The Caer Sidi, a potential unicorn startup, developed the product for the school. 

For the first time, the e-card provides access to the information accessible only to MIM-Kyiv’s students and alumni. 

-We have an option designed especially for our community members. When people log in to their MIM-Kyiv accounts, they see additional information. It provides access to the information available only for the accounts/cards holders. Having all the necessary information related to the studies and the school, in particular, our moodle portal is very convenient. At this point, a cardholder can save and transfer personal information in one click. However, the scope of the card’s services is being expanded, Iryna Nikitina, alumni relations manager explained. According to her, it was MIM-Kyiv’s alumni who referred the Caer Sidi to MIM-Kyiv.

Pavlo Shlapak, the company’s CEO said that it was a challenging task for his team. It also helped to transform a kind of toy into a corporate communication tool. 

- I appreciate the opportunity provided by MIM-Kyiv. Implementation took us serious efforts but allowed us to create added value. We managed to combine the content with full and restricted access. We are going to use our experience further on. We can receive feedback and create a wow-effect for our customers. We targeted the B2B segment. We believe our product offers a good potential for internal and external branding, Pavlo explained.

Security was a top priority when developing the product. Due to the NFC technology using the card is safe. The card is users friendly and does not require any additional software. 

The e-card is convenient and environmentally friendly. There is no need to re-print the cards or dispose of the obsolete ones. E-mail exchange is being incorporated into the card. 

E-cards are one of the Caer Sidi products. They specialize in phygital – products combining digital technologies and real-life carriers.