25 January 2022

Garik Korogodsky, a prominent Ukrainian entrepreneur and popular author delivered a guest lecture to SE MBA class. “I’m having fun with everything in my life except business,” MIM-Kyiv's long-term friend and partner known for his business acumen and unconventionality started his guest lecture. 

Here are the highlights of the lecture:

- I usually assign one enemy per year. When I say “enemy” I mean some phenomenon in our lives. My Enemy 2021 were collectors’ call-centers. Our fight against them resulted in passing the appropriate regulations. We think that mobile phones con people who target retirees. Sometimes those crooks manage to steal all money of elderly people. It will take us a year to cut down any opportunity to do those schemes via mobile operators. 

- I am not an investor although I want to exit my business. I have enough to cover all my personal expenses and whims costs. I’m not leaving any inheritance to my children. They know and agree with it. Two years ago I counted everything I’d made and got bored. I do not enjoy making money anymore.

- When I ran for Kyiv mayor’s office, it was fun. I was not going to win. I hated the schedule of the job. 

- The lack of integrity is the only deal-breaker in working with various people. I work with corruption adverse people only. Any other things like age, race, gender, etc. do not mean a thing. Ageism for me is in the past.