02 December 2020

Vadym Denysenko, entrepreneur, journalist, and MP was a guest lecturer at the SE MBA module. He explained how Ukrainian media is functioning and how political decisions are covered. Information tsunami was his name for the situation caused by barely existent fact-checking, political leaks, and plugola.

“TV used to be the star of media and the main source of information for offline and online outlets. Nowadays, it is vice versa: information travels from online to offline and then to TV. Internet is quite an unregulated area and a playground for fake news and fake nformation”, – Vadym explained.

Vadym said that the Telegram messenger is the most popular media career because its high anonymity reduces responsibility. Facebook is full of sockpuppet farms, and their numbers are increasing.

The guest lecture was followed by the discussion. The interaction was easy because of the blended learning format when part of the class was present in the classroom whereas the other part participated from their homes.