Personal Brand: Dmytro Rosenfeld’s Lecture

12 October 2018

Mr. Dmytro Rosenfeld, a well-known public speaking expert, and marketer delivered his lecture on personal branding to the class of the National Bank of Ukraine managers. He discussed the instruments of boosting up the audience trust and awareness to the students of this corporate program.

Employees’ personal brands affect employers brands. This is especially true nowadays when a Facebook profile may have a bigger audience than some national media. “Personal brand development skills might as well be applied to organizations projects promotion,” Dmytro Mukhopad, one of the students shared his opinion about the class.
Mr. Rosenfeld mentioned that ability to get the audience attention, make the messages clear are critical for the success.

The class appreciated Mr. Rosenfeld’s public speaking skills. As one of the students put it “Dmytro is very charismatic. He made the class exciting.”