MIM’s Program for the Top National Retailer

19 September 2016

MIM-Kyiv awarded its certificates to the managers of the “РУШ” ltd., top national retailer running EVA chain of personal care stores. EVA chain is the household name in Ukraine.

The company took 6-month long program tailor-made to meet their needs. The program was developed on the basis of the pre-MBA program and taking into account the company’s needs. In particular, the program focused on strategic development, cash flows optimization, and operational management. The Management Game was instrumental in integrating functional skills. According to the program participants the simulation considerably enhanced the practicality of the program.

“Valuable knowledge and skills, fantastic faculty sharing their experiences and facilitating cross team interactions and understanding are only some of the considerable list of benefits we received from the cooperation with MIM-Kyiv,” said Ms. Iryna Pecherytsa, HR Director for “РУШ” ltd. “Due to program we learnt a lot about ourselves. In particular, we saw how we can do our job better, grow better and serve our clients better,” said she.