31 August 2022

Business communities in Kyiv region towns need help. MIM-Kyiv joined the efforts to reinvigorate them. The Regional Development Agency in Kyiv Oblast initiated business forums on August 26 and 31 aimed at presenting financial and marketing instruments available in wartime.

Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv VP conducted interactive sessions at those forums. He discussed how to alter business models under the new circumstances, how to change product lines, and what are the most efficient marketing tools in the shuttered and often ruined markets.

-We tried to address the immediate concerns of Kyiv business people and offered them some ideas as well. Some businesses require partial restoration, some need to be re-created from the scratch. Some suffer from reduced sales because their markets shrank or disappeared, so they are looking for new markets. For people who moved to the Kyiv region from Berdyansk or Donetsk region starting businesses from the scratch is the priority, Oleksiy Vynogradov explained. He also presented ReInforce.Ua and MIM.Economic Front, MIM-Kyiv projects aimed to support the Ukrainian business community.

- Our business forums offer financial, marketing, and managerial instruments that are adequate for the challenges of wartime. We believe that those instruments and highly qualified experts’ advice on how to apply them will facilitate the economic revival of the Kyiv region. We continue working with other areas of the region as we aim to assist SMBs. SMBs are critical for creating jobs. Promotion of SMBs activities is our top priority, Oleksandr Vakhovsky, CEO of the Agency.

The topics covered by the speakers were as diverse as businesses in the region. In particular, banks’ programs, digitalization-generated opportunities, war losses reimbursement vehicles, business impact on local communities, etc. were the focus of the discussion.