06 April 2021

MIM-Kyiv is delivering its program on export development underpinned by Ukrainian experience in the development of export activities. The program is designed for the Export Agency of Tajikistan and other related governmental bodies. 

Volodymyr Pospolitak, MIM-Kyiv professor of commercial law and head of the Humanities department, and Tetiana Miskova, the CEO of the Ukrainian Export Promotion Office delivered the first module on international trade regulations was delivered in Dushanbe. She shared Ukrainian exporting experience and talked about logistics, requirements to exported goods, and access to international markets. Tetiana Miskova shared her impressions: 

The participants were interested in trade missions and international fairs because it was a new experience for them. It is the main promotion channel and we do a lot of work to develop that in Ukraine. The participants were also impressed by our export portal and the number of documents there. They liked it very much and the idea of digitalization appealed to them. 

Ukrainian party is ready to share their expertise in the creation of the portal and help Tajikistan to create theirs. GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) in Tajikistan, the agency that funds the program is to assist in the development.

Volodymyr Pospolitak mentioned that governmental agencies of Tajikistan were truly interested in the knowledge. He said that Export Agency's very professional team led by Shavkat Bobozoda was not only acquiring new knowledge and experience but adapting it to the local situation. 

“Chairman of the Agency is a former minister with immense experience. He recruited a very talented and highly educated team. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy also participated in the training. Because of the Civil War in 1990-ies Tajikistan has to bridge the gaps. It is a very unique country,” Volodymyr Pospolitak told explained. “For example, we were told that Tajikistan sells metal works to Afghanistan. For us, Afghanistan is a war zone but in fact, it is a country with immense potential and a good system of money transfers. For Ukraine it is an opportunity – they can trade with Afghanistan via or together with Tajikistan. It could be a good business for both parties.”

Tetiana Miskova shares Volodymyr’s optimism as to the trading potential. 

“I told about all our 18 free trade agreements. It is a good chance to make Ukraine a trading hub for Eastern Europe and other countries. Tajikistan is also a trading point for Ukraine in Middle Asia and even Pakistan and India. Why not think of Tajikistan as a trading hub for Ukraine?”

MIM-Kyiv as an educational services exporter seems to be a successful pilot project. Hopefully, others will follow soon.