05 January 2023

Raise4UA is a charity platform for those foreign persons and companies that want to help Ukraine through assistance to the volunteers’ community and thus enhance aid to the Ukrainian military and civilians. It is a safe and efficient vehicle for international philanthropists and benefactors. 

In spring, Maksym Korolenko, SE MBA student and shareholder of the Zagorye travel company started creating the platform. MIM-Kyiv joined his efforts. 

- Since February 24, we have been flooded with specific tasks such as aid to military units, medical organizations, children and displaced people, logistics, transport, etc. You can’t predict what you are dealing with, but swift solutions are critical. Our project is aimed at helping those who are looking for external assistance, often abroad. Our partners are eager to help us but would like to know more about people who are involved in assistance. Our database helps volunteers as well because they can check contacts and banking details, and learn how the aid is distributed, Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv’s vice president described the Raise4UA project.

 Maksym Korolenko decided on the project after he had to answer the requests of his international partners at the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion. He soon understood that he could build on his international network of contacts need to launch a special resource that helps international benefactors.

- Improved communication and trust are important elements of the Raise4UA platform in addition to raising funds. The services are based on the CRM system that makes the financial contributions, benefactors, and communications with them transparent. Any volunteering organization can upload its request on the platform, Marksym Korolenkpo explains. 

All money transfers are transparent, through the charity organization. In such a way all donations are allocated to the organizations and activities selected by the benefactors. 

MIM-Kyiv runs its charity educational project as well. The school is raising funds for the programs for temporarily displaced abroad women – entrepreneurs. The program is aimed at mastering and developing the knowledge and skills necessary for launching a business abroad. 

Maksym Korolenko and Zagorye run two large-scale projects: assistance to one of the Special Operations Forces units and the Territorial Center of Social Assistance in the Ivano-Frankivsk region that takes care of seniors who are moved from the temporarily occupied territories. 

You can join Raise4UA to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and civilians and bring the Victory of Ukraine closer.