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This admission test is very similar to internationally accepted tests systems being used for selection of business school students. (e. g. GMAT)

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Admission tests are a part of MBA candidates selection procedure. This admission test is very similar to internationally accepted tests systems being used for selection of business school students. (e. g. GMAT). The tests are aimed at assessment of our applicants’ mathematical, analytical and verbal abilities, to evaluate their ability to cope with the curriculum. Admission tests results are only one of the indicators showing the evidence of academic ability.

Admission test consists of the list of questions falling into three sections: mathematical, analytical and verbal. Each question of the test is provided with 5 possible answers, only one of them being correct. (multiple-choice questions)Total time allocated for the test is 120 minutes. Time limit is set to check the psycho-physical characteristics, self-organization and thinking skills and reactions of a candidate.

Admission test helps in assessment of the skills and abilities people have acquired during relatively long period of time. The test is not subject-specific, there are no tasks, which may require profound awareness of any particular area.
- Mathematical section is aimed at the assessment of numerical skills, ability to quickly operate with figures, deal with average numbers, percentage, be in the know of basic graphs and geometrical figures, be able to find the right algorithm in applied tasks.
- Analytical section contains the tasks, which check the abilities to think rationally to interpret data logically, without contradiction, to reach correct conclusions.
- Verbal section of the admission test demonstrates the ability of a candidate to perceive textual information and find the answers to the questions in the text. And besides, the section contains questions aimed at eduction of speech erudition and associative thinking.

Rules and Procedures
Admission test participants must observe the following rules:
Each test-taker receives an invitation containing information about time and place (the room) of the test. Entering the testing room after the set time is forbidden.
The test lasts 2 hours in a row. All applicants stay at their seats through up to the moment the instructor announces the test closed.
Test-takers must follow the instructor’s directions.
No supporting materials or information processing appliances (calculator, watch calculator, etc.) are allowed into the room.

Tests results and their interpretation
Individual scores of correct answers to admission test questions are transferred to personal scores of points. The final judgment is made according to the table below.

Number of admission points Characteristics
More than 116 Much higher than average level
109—116 Higher than average level
92—108 Average level
84—91 Lower than average level

Below 84 Much lower than average level
All admission test participants have the right to be informed about his score and final results. No further information related to admission tests will be provided by the Institute. Admission tests results are used by the Institute administration only as one of the factors for decision-making.