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Passport is a global market research database providing insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide, helping our clients analyze market context and identify future trends impacting businesses globally.

It provides:

  • Access more than 115 million internationally standardized statistics.
  • View of industry sectors, country markets and companies.
  • Access to the best research sources.
  • Detailed analysis of consumer and industrial markets around the world across 781 cities, 210 countries and markets and 27 industries.
  • Access timely data and analysis.

System access: http://www.portal.euromonitor.com/

2. EBSCOhost

Access to the more than 6000 of publications from different databases including:

  • Business Source Premier;
  • Academic Search Premier;
  • ERIC;
  • GreenFILE;
  • Health Source - Consumer Edition;
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition;
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts;
  • MasterFILE Premier;
  • Newspaper Source;
  • Regional Business News;
  • Teacher Reference Center;
  • European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750;
  • AHFS Consumer Medication Information.

System access: http://search.ebscohost.com/

Access to databases is granted only at MIM’s premises and in the MIM’s WIFI network